Dance Films

A film by Bellingham Repertory Dance that premiered at the Firehouse Arts and Events Center in April 2019. It explores human qualities in movement with a focus on the individual. The audio score is composed entirely of sounds captured on set. It is designed to add depth and texture to the visual elements, and aims to give the viewer a rich experience of the dancers themselves.

This dance is a mess. It is a storm. It is a chaos. The dancers live in the mess, to create their own storm so that they might love it from the inside.

Movement for this piece was created by members of Bellingham Repertory Dance and premiered in May 2015 at the Firehouse Arts and Events Center.

I received my BFA in Dance from Western Washington University and perform and teach with Bellingham Repertory Dance.

Instructor for BRD’s class in contemporary technique at the 2018 Chop Shop Dance Festival in Bellevue, WA.

Photos by Nolan McNally, Jason Ruvelson, Hannah Rivers, and Brooke Evans